64A Fire

Platte Canyon Fire Protection District Chief Burgett and Brush Engine 2 were assigned to the 64A Fire in Bailey this week that started Sunday, September 15th 2019. Evacuations have been lifted and the fire stayed withing the established fire line. The fire stayed about 12 acres. A busy fire season in our home town with the Shawnee Peak Fire and the 64A Fire, but we have a strong fire department who has helped tackle both fires within our district boundaries and Jefferson Como district.

A huge thank you to our surround agencies, Park County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. North Fork Fire Protection District, Elk Creek Fire Protection District, The Pike San Isabel National Forest, among so many others!

Please be cautious in using camp fires, welders, shooting, or hot work in our dry 2019 Fall. Be informed if we are in a burn ban, which we currently are in one today September 18th, 2019. Check our your property to ensure it is mitigated to help protect your home from wildfires. Thank you to our supportive community for all of the thoughtful words shared on social media.

Platte Canyon Fire Admin