Burn Permit FAQs


Why did the burn permit process change?

  • Safety is the ultimate goal of the new burn permits. The 6 different fire districts of the county had burn permits which were inconsistent and the new burn permits are consistent across the county creating efficiency in the program. This allows adequate response from the county sheriff and the local fire departments.

What is Burnpermits.com and why do we need it?

Burnpermits.com allows us to see at-a-glance where permitted burns are taking place. This allows us to respond with appropriate apparatus and personnel, ensuring emergency responders are available if/when other emergency situations arise.


  • Convenient automated call-in system for burning and burn ban status. This automated system frees up emergency responders for more pressing emergencies.

  • Provides a quick and efficient method for informing residents of current fire danger and the proper guidelines for each level, as well as indicating when there is a burn ban.

  • 100% online registration. Registration available at fire stations as well.

  • Secure payments

  • Streamlines communication between all first responders (Sheriffs, fire, and dispatch) allowing for adequate response.

Where is the money going?

The fees collected will be used to pay for a program called burnpermits.com. It will provide better clarity and communication in the burn permit and burning processes, keeping our community members and emergency responders safer.

Why is the permit not enforced in the National Forest or State Lands?

Local government has no jurisdictional authority over state or federal lands.