About the District

We’re a full-service fire agency committed to serving our mountain community. As a combination department with approximately 13 career firefighter/medics, 22 volunteer firefighters, 10 wildland fire crew members (six of which are seasonal), we respond to medical emergencies, structure and wildland fires, traffic accidents, swift water and ice rescues, HazMat, and more.

We cover an area of 271 square miles in the Colorado Rockies. Three primary highways run near our district that are major HazMat routes. We help protect fundamental water sources, including Roberts Tunnel and twenty miles of the North Fork of the South Platte River.

With a population of roughly 10,500, over a million visitors a year travel to and through our District. In the summer months our population increases about 25%, which significantly increases our call volume.


Station 2 at the top of Crow Hill houses all administration offices and firefighter/medics. If you need help, call (303) 838-5853 or stop into Station 2.

Station 1
Downtown Bailey
60298 US HWY 285
Bailey, CO 80421

Station 2
District Office at Crow Hill
153 Delwood Drive
Bailey, CO 80421

Station 3
49798 US HWY 285
Grant, CO 80448

Station 4
Harris Park
157 Neal Road
Bailey, CO 80421


  • Structure fire suppression

  • Motor vehicle accident rescue

  • Wildland fire suppression

  • Emergency medical response, including ALS medical transport

  • Wildland mitigation programs

  • Swift water & ice rescue

  • Structural and wildland fire trainings between six surrounding fire departments

  • Educational and training programs in fire and personal safety for our firefighters and community

ISO Ratings

The vast majority of Platte Canyon Fire Protection District has an ISO rating of 5 or 6, which are excellent ratings for a mountain community. Your ISO rating affects your annual homeowner’s insurance premium, so we recommend you contact your homeowner’s insurance company to ensure your rating is correct in their records.

If you live within 5 miles of a Platte Canyon Fire Station, your rating is an ISO 5. If you live over 5 miles from a fire station your ISO rating is 10.


Platte Canyon Fire Protection District was formed as a volunteer organization in 1947, and in 1980 it was established as a district. The district’s original mission was to protect homes and businesses from fires. Since that time, our mission has expanded considerably to keep up with our community’s incredible growth. Today we provide the community with a wide range of high-quality emergency services. This demand for service more than triples with tourists passing through our district.

To view the District’s Transparency Notice, please see the Transparency page or visit the Special Districts Association of Colorado and click Platte Canyon Fire Protection District.

To view our District’s Local Government Filings, please visit the Colorado Department of Local Affairs website.