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Burn permits and burn permit process 

1. Obtain a burn permit—annually.

Go to Click “Create Account” and follow steps. If you already have an account, click “New Permit” and follow steps.

  • Burn permits are $10 and are paid online via You must have a VALID burn permit to have a fire of any sort.
  • Permits are issued annually and expire December 31st of year of purchase (regardless of whether they were obtained on or via paper copy at the fire station).

2. Check burn ban status and report your burn—before EVERY time you burn.

Call (720) 770-2875 to check if open burning is allowed and to report your fire for the day. You can also report the burn via

3. Burn—safely.

For campfires:

  • Keep fires under 3' in diameter and 3' high and follow burn permit guidelines.

For slash pile burns (burns not within designated pits or burn areas):

  • Only allowed October 1–April 30, with a minimum of 2" of snow on the ground.
  • Slash burning is prohibited from May 1st to September 30th regardless of the amount of snow on the ground.
  • Slash is defined as vegetation, pine needles, clean untreated lumber and tree branches. NO burning of trash is allowed in Park County.
  • A slash burn MUST be called into the jurisdictional fire district AND must be approved by a site visit prior to the snow day or planned burn date.
  • Requests for site approvals can be made at 303-838-5853.
  • Follow all guidelines as found on