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Construction Permits & Inspections

Wildfire Hazard Permit Process

A Conditional Wildfire Hazard Permit must be obtained for any resident commissioning new construction or building an addition of 200 square feet or greater.

Hazard permits are $150, which covers the cost of all inspections.

Once an application is submitted, you’ll be contacted to set up an initial inspection. From the initial inspection, you’ll receive a list of your mitigation requirements. After you’ve mitigated the property accordingly, a second inspection will be conducted (see more details below payment info). If requirements are met, construction will be given approval by Platte Canyon Fire.

Note: Before submitting an application, please check to make sure your property is in the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District. You may reside in Park County and possibly be in the Elk Creek Fire Protection District. There are parts of Woodside and the majority of Will-O-Wisp that are in Elk Creek’s District. Please refer to this map and/or call our station for us to confirm your correct fire district at 303-838-5853. Your tax statement will also state what fire district you reside in.


In-person application:

Download an application below or pick one up at Station 2 during business hours. Drop off your executed application at Station 2. Payment can be made via cash or check at the fire station.

Online application (PayPal fees do apply):

Download and execute the application form: Hazard Permit (Hazard Permit Link). Then, either email in ( or drop off your executed application at Station 2.

Hazard Permit (Hazard Permit Link)


Pay online (via PayPal):

  1. Log into PayPal (for both homeowner or contractor).
  2. Select “MONEY” from the top bar.
  3. Ensure you are on the “SEND” money page (rather than “REQUEST” money page).
  4. Enter PCFPD’s account email:
  5. Enter payment amount (should be $150, if applying for one permit).**In the note section, enter building permit and address where construction is taking place. **
  6. Select “SEND”.


  1. Submit application with $150 to Platte Canyon Fire. Fee includes both inspections.
  2. Stake corners of the new build/addition. Include any decks or porches extending beyond the structure’s eaves.
  3. Clearly mark property boundaries. Use flagging, string or stakes (spaced roughly 20 feet apart) to mark any property boundary within 250 feet of the structure. Consult a surveyor if you’re unsure of the property boundary.
  4. Post an address sign along the road.
  5. Call to schedule an initial inspection @ 303-838-5853 OR The property owner or a designated representative must be present during inspection.

Initial Inspection

  1. A Platte Canyon Fire mitigation specialist will walk the property with you and flag the trees needing removal.

Final Inspection

  1. Call for final inspection when: all designated trees are cut down and remaining trees and/or vegetation are pruned to 8-10 feet or shorter.
  2. All created slash is treated (chipped or burned) or removed.
  3. Any remaining firewood is piled up slope of the structure.
  4. All items on your inspection checklist are complete.
  5. If the property passes inspection, Platte Canyon Fire will submit a notice to Park County Building Department indicating the Wildfire Hazard Standards Requirements were met.
  6. If the property fails inspection, the property owner will be contacted. An additional $50 fee will be charged for each additional re-inspection.