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Volunteer Opportunities

As a combination fire department, Platte Canyon Fire affords community members the opportunity to volunteer to serve as emergency first responders. This allows newly-qualified firefighters and emergency medical service (EMS) providers to gain experience in the field, while also serving the local community. There is also an annual incentive for each volunteer if minimum call volume is met.

Our volunteer responders must meet the same stringent training, fitness and character criteria required of any Colorado professional firefighter or EMT. If you possess current firefighter or EMS provider qualifications, live in (or near) our district, and are interested in volunteering for Platte Canyon Fire, please contact us at

If you don’t have current firefighter qualifications yet are interested in volunteering, we periodically run fire academies. Recruiting is currently closed, as there are no future academies scheduled at this time. Please monitor our website for announcements regarding future academies.