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Insurance Rating 

The vast majority of Platte Canyon Fire Protection District has an ISO rating of 4 or 10, which are excellent ratings for a mountain community. The ISO rating affects your annual homeowner’s insurance premium, so we recommend you contact your homeowner’s insurance company to ensure your rating is correct in their records.

If you live within 5 miles of a Platte Canyon Fire Station, your rating is ISO 4. If you live over 5 miles from a fire station your ISO rating is 10.

Station 1
60298 US HWY 285
Bailey, CO 80421

Station 2
153 Delwood Drive
Bailey, CO 80421

Station 3
49798 US HWY 285
Grant, CO 80448

Station 4
157 Neal Road
Bailey, CO 80421

4 Type 1 pumpers with 1250 GPM pumps and a tank capacity of 750 gallons
4 Tenders with 2500 gallon tank capacity


AMB Billing 

AMB Ambulance Medical Billing

100 Fulton Court
Paducah, KY 42001


See our Emergency Medical Services page for more information.

Knox Box 

If you’re required to install a Knox Box, install it:

  • Within 10 feet from the front door
  • 6 feet off the ground or lower
  • In an easily-seen spot

After the box has been installed, contact us at and let us know you’re ready to put your keys in the Knox Box. We’ll send out firefighters to close up the box.

Burn Permits 

See our Burn Permits page for more info.

Mitigation Application 

See our Construction Permits page for more information.

Certificate of Occupancy 

Contact Park County’s building department for more information.