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Emergency Medical Services 

Emergency medical services are a critical function of Platte Canyon Fire (PCF).

Currently, PCF provides basic and advanced life support with ten Emergency Medical Technician-Basics (EMT-B), two EMT-Intermediates (EMT-I), and nine EMT-Paramedics. PCF has three shifts on a 48/96 schedule with 5 on duty at all times. These medics staff the department’s three ambulances which respond to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) incidents for the District, with the intent to provide advanced life support (ALS) response on every call. Roughly 80% of all PCF responses are EMS related.

All PCF EMS personnel operate under the Denver Metro Protocols.

As needed, neighboring fire districts provide backup ALS patient transport via established automatic and mutual aid agreements.

Our commitment is that you receive great care from our EMTs and Paramedics.

However, property taxes alone do not cover the cost of the PCF ambulance transport service. PCF bills for the reimbursement of ambulance service provided—only if we transport you or a family member to a hospital. Our billing for ambulance patient transport charges is provided by a third-party vendor; AMB Ambulance Medical Billing.